It’s very difficult to communicate what constitutes an “album” proper, because I’m not aware of the terminology available to discuss decisions rooted in instinct alone. But in a place that is neither “head” nor “heart” I understand that these songs are not emblematic of a step forward, but instead of a step sideways, in time. They might be a document left over from another reality entirely—in another life, had things gone slightly differently, this is a record we could have made (and for a while parts of it languished as as a part of one that we almost made). But for reasons that I’m still working to understand, it never felt relevant to share until now. This is not to say that these songs are castoffs; in fact some of them are brand new. But, being a part of an incomplete idea, they had not found their proper home until recently. So, in celebration of the vague, undefinable spaces inside of ourselves and the infinite possibilities of past, present and future–we take great pleasure in sharing them with you now.

We are calling this collection of songs TWEEN. As its title suggests, it falls just short of qualifying for the few designated terms made available by the people whose job it is to sell it. (Thank you, kind defenders of our ability to house and feed ourselves!) We hope that you buy it anyway. By the time you read this, we will be hard at work on the next installment in our humble story as it unfolds—record number five!–and your continued support means as much as it always has.


We rejoice in being free to make what we like and release it in a way that feels true, and you are free to enjoy it or dismiss it as it suits you. We hope, of course, for the former. But—all gimmicks aside—we created this thing with love and are so happy to share it with you, whoever you are.

Lucky and grateful as ever,
J&A/Wye Oak


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Wye Oak  

Date City Venue Country
02/16/18 New York, NY Symphony Space United States
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04/03/18 - 04/08/18 Iowa City, IA Mission Creek Festival United States
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